SAWPA Announces Hiring of Watershed Manager

Riverside, CA – Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority has named Matthew Howard, a longtime water resources and water quality manager with statewide water management experience, to the position of watershed manager.

In his new role, Howard will work on SAWPA’s […]

2017 Riverwalk

Circulation of the Latest Riverwalk Habitat Survey Data

Results from the 2017 Santa Ana Riverwalk, which was conducted on October 25, 2017, have been uploaded into the annually updated Riverwalk Atlas. The Atlas provides a map-based summary of the data […]

Sediment Management in the Watershed

In December 2017 the One Water One Watershed (OWOW) Pillar Integration Meeting focused on the challenges and opportunities of sediment management in the watershed. This focus was requested by the stakeholders of the OWOW Plan Update 2018 process after […]

Finding Solutions to a Wicked Problem

After a successful Homelessness and Water Symposium held in June 2017¹ , SAWPA and the Inland Empire Waterkeeper partnered to hold a follow-up symposium on December 7th at the Fullerton Public Library Conference Center. Members of water and social […]

Homelessness & Water Symposium

Members of the water and social services sectors from across the Santa Ana River Watershed convened at a symposium last month to identify connections between the challenges of homelessness and water management. The event was part of grant-supported effort […]

Community Engagement Interns Available to Assist Watershed Agencies, NGOs

The Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority is pleased to announce and invite public agencies and 501c3 organizations to participate in the Community Water Internship program. Through the program, students from California State University campuses and local community colleges will […]

Recent News on the Forests

The Forest First Program was created because the national forests encompass approximately 30% of the Santa Ana River Watershed’s land mass and receive 90% of its annual precipitation. It was designed as a collaborative venture between the U.S. Forest […]

Local Disadvantaged Community Project Funded

On June 24, 2015, the Department of Water Resources announced the award of the 2014 Water-Energy Grant Program whereby SAWPA’s regional project, the Water-Energy Community Action Network (WECAN), will receive a total of $2.3 Million. The funding for this […]

2014 Riverwalk

A Volunteer Effort: The 2014 Riverwalk

The Santa Ana River Watershed includes a mixture of urban, suburban and rural populations of people that border the Pacific Ocean, small creeks and the region’s central waterway, the Santa Ana River. The municipal […]

OWOW 2015 Implementation

As a City Manager, General Manager, Tribal Representative, Non-Profit Manager, etc. you are responsible to the constituents you serve. The catch is that as a leader you can no longer go it alone because there are immediate and long […]